Your biggest vulnerability is hiding in plain sight.

Let’s get real about the future of your company.  If it doesn’t live on the edge of the rapidly expanding cloud, it doesn’t have a future.  Luckily for you, we’ve designed a simple diagnostic tool that maps your company onto the cloud.  With a small amount of your data, our chart offers a clear visual of where your company deficits exist, simultaneously revealing the direction of potential solutions.  We know our tool works.  We used it at our Cloud Inflation Summit this spring, and in only 30 minutes, our breakout groups found a way that Apple could move just $20 billion of its nearly $200 billion in reserves from one part of its balance sheet to another to create a Flash Boy style network that would dissolve several other industries.

Watch our latest clip to learn how you can use our tool to ensure a successful future on the cloud. This mini-seminar is almost 20 minutes long and will walk you through understanding how the cloud works, how Apple-like companies use Flash Boy techniques to profit from the cloud and how you can too.  Without our tool, you expose yourself to an unexpected, swift kick in the head. In addition to our Cloud Inflation Summit in NYC, we’ve given the extended version of this seminar at The Wifi Innovation Summit in San Francisco and The OFC (Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition) in LA and are now offering it to you.

Still clueless on clouds? Click here to view my five part series on understanding how the cloud can work for you. Future-proof your business now.  Contact me to ensure that your stakeholders are on the value end of this once-in-a-century tectonic shift.