We’ve seen it all.  Over twenty years in business and thousands of customers later, we have the vision, knowledge and ability to facilitate real change.  As the ghost writers of modern business planning we work behind the scenes to create and execute new programs, new deals and new companies.  If your business needs help, you’ve come to the right place.


Benefits of working with North River Ventures:

      • Advice and insight about your company’s position from some of the best brains in business.
      • Access to our patented Management Grading System.  Whether your start line is $1 billion or $100 billion, our management grading system is a diagnostic tool that gauges your ability to scale profitably. Contact us to find your Management Grade.
      • Membership in NRV’s Corporate Innovation Project. We want to double your sales, not gamble with your balance sheet.  A breakthrough in corporate venturing, CIP is a virtual venture capital platform that has no portfolio to protect and requires no capital commitment.  CIP is scalable, effective, fast and cheap.  Contact us to learn more about our unique approach.
      • No one does what we do.  That means no chance that you’ll show up to prom with the same dress.

Still have questions?  We have answers.  Contact us here.