What do Taxis and AT&T have in common? Uberization.

Wireless carriers worldwide are about to be reduced to a bunch of screaming taxi drivers as their business model vanishes into the Black Hole of Uberization.

Apple and Google—that’s 100% of the cellphone market worldwide — are working on technologies that will switch carriers in background mode minute-by-minute. Whichever carrier offers the cheapest service will get switched on for its minute. The other guy will get switched off.  For however long it takes to cut its price. Why? Apple and Google can count!  Worldwide common carrier revenues including ads are running at $2 trillion.  If Apple and Google can appify that and siphon off 20% at no cost to themselves?  At their current multiples?  Mind boggling!!

The cloud-driven marginal cost revolution will rip into carrier business models.  Carriers will be forced to drop monthly average cost-based pricing for minute-by-minute marginal cost-based pricing.  How do they expect to survive?

If you run a high ARPU carrier you won’t be sleeping to well tonight.  You are wearing a giant target on your back.

We have figured out the alternatives.  None of them are pretty.  One or two just might work.  But at nothing like the revenues now flowing through the door with average cost-based pricing.

And spare a tear for the billions that cellcos have spent to build their brands.  These brands will be flushed away as Apple and Google become the price arbiters and, as far as their customers will see, their carriers.

Wait till shareholders get a load of wireless uberization.  No one will be spared.