BIG Things are happening.

Let’s skip the “we told you so’s” and get straight to the point.   Our innovators are making BIG moves and making BIG money ($3 Billion BIG).  If you were our client, you could be drinking a celebratory champagne with one of them right about now.

At NRV, we use our unique perspective to select innovators that we know have the power to revolutionize industries and showcase them to our clients to create unprecedented partnerships. In the last year, four of our innovators, companies that we selected years ago (YEARS!) began working with some of the biggest names on earth.  Google is using Ruckus Wireless to build its wifi network, gain core control of devices and enable Google to deliver its full brand experience on all platforms.  Apple recently bought NRV Innovator PrimeSense, which delivers gesture control on devices, for $350 million. HP purchased NRV Innovator Aruba for $2.7 billion, enabling HP to use Aruba’s wireless technology to break free from its past infrastructure and services. Last, but not least, Panasonic has partnered with NRV Innovator PowerOasis to transform its power generating cell tower plan into a massive money generating system. This partnership is sure to revolutionize network economics globally and will be worth billions of dollars in time.

If you read the news, you might recognize the names of our Innovators. If you were our client, you would have known about them years ago. It’s time to join our client team.  Future-proof your business now.  Contact me to ensure that your stakeholders are on the value end of this once-in-a-century tectonic shift. Want to learn more: click here to view my five part series on understanding how the cloud can work for you.


Zettabyte Scalers from Francis McInerney on Vimeo.