Apple iCar. News to you? Not to us.

The Wall Street Journal’s article last Friday on Apple’s iCar is big news. The iCar speculation would have also been big news to our clients…about 2,168 days ago.  That’s right. Two thousand, one hundred and sixty seven days ago, on March 10th, 2009, we told our clients to expect an Apple car.  Had the WSJ come out with their article on March 9th, 2009, it may have caught some of our clients off guard.

So, Apple is gearing up to become the new Toyota and word on the street says that the iCar is in utero. There is nothing status quo about this new venture.  Apple owns the cloud and this car will inflate the cloud in unimaginable ways.  The Apple car won’t look like a typical car and the supply chain won’t look like a typical supply chain.  Apple has a strict concept on inventory and receivables and will stick to it, creating disruptions in everything from traditional manufacturing to traditional dealerships.

Our clients have had 2,168 days in which to make deals and prepare counter strategies. No one else on earth had this advantage. Don’t be 2,168 days behind on the next big announcement.  Future-proof your business now.  Contact me to ensure that your stakeholders are on the value end of this once-in-a-century tectonic shift. Still clueless on clouds? Click here to view my five part series on understanding how the cloud can work for you.


We made this clip almost one year ago and it still stands true today:

The Future Apple You Haven’t Thought of from Francis McInerney on Vimeo.